About Me

96671I’ve been a medical professional all my life…well, a short one that is 🙂 My barber is yet to spot a gray strand on my head and hopefully wouldn’t have a chance to do so in the next 20 years.

Reading has been a sine-qua-non throughout my school and college days and am still an avid reader. Well, Kafka and Chricton continue to co-exist in my bookshelf still now and unfortunately for them there’s a space crunch in the shelf owing to a couple of medical books.

I wanted to be a doctor, but a man with a pen is seldom good with a knife, so I ended up being a content writer.

I started off as a “pill pusher” in a pharmaceutical house and slowly graduated to the post of a “medical counselor” for terminally ill patients. I’ve had the privilege to work with cancer patients also and am currently working as a medical counselor for “pituitary diseases”.

My write ups have been published in news papers, websites and also magazines.  After having written for the last 6 years, I guess, it’s now time I should take up writing full time. kittyaf1

I’m available at healthnmed@gmail.com


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